Hi, I am Aditya Chaudhary 👋


  1. AlphaFi

    AlphaFi is a analytics platform to view top leaderboards of alpha users, their portfolios and user analytics! The project got officially integrated with the Alpha app as well!
  2. SofiFeed

    SofiFeed is a discord server that has real time view of all friendtech and Alpha (New Bitcoin City) and DESO trades. It has ETH transfers of base networks, wallet tracker and new user sign up alets for friendtech/Alpha/DeSo. It's a way to have a eagle eye view on Top SoFi Platforms
  3. Social Mask

    Social Mask is an anonymous platform to talk about twitter or instagram users publicly 👀
  4. Eventer

    Eventer is ad creation and promotion platform for vendors who are intereted in providing services in events. It is the LinkedIn for Vendors that connects them with right client! Eventer was built along with 4 team members during MLH HackThePlan in 36 hours. The project was #3 overall!